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  1. Ashley says:

    Let’s start with my Hates:
    * That Im the only one on my group of friends who watches football. C’mmon ladies what is there not to like? Hot guys, a little sweat and some muscle…don’t understand!!
    *Justin Beiber….Canada’s worst export! You can keep him U.S.A, we don’t want him back!!
    *A Canadian Winter. Enough said!
    *The commercials for homeless and abandoned animals…can’t….watch…without…. crying!!

    My Likes:
    * The Golden Girls. I could watch them all day long!!
    * The feel of sand between my toes….but not when its so hot it burns.
    * #TwitterHashtags so much fun!!
    * A Boston Cream Donut. My all time FAVORITE!

    • Chloe Barlow says:

      Great likes and dislikes! I’m on board. As for your hate RE: commercials for homeless and abandoned animals, that reminds me of a certain comment from Griffen in Three Rivers. Do you remember it?

  2. Total Recall was my first favorite sci-fi!

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